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Gamification reaches the process industry

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Operator training can be both fun and efficient when done through gamification. Finnish company Neste Jacobs has launched a new game called NAPCON Games Distiller for operator training in the process industry. The game is the first one of a completely new generation of training games.

“Although the main target is to train operators, the game is still very fun and engaging to play. Gamification is one of the best ways to enhance training in any field,” explains Mika Neffling, Sales Manager at NAPCON Games.

Designed to train operators in the distillation process, the NAPCON Games Distiller can be used in practically any branch of the process industry that includes distillation. Sophisticated scoring systems and instant feedback enables players to track their progress and learn at a faster pace compared to traditional training methods.

The game has been piloted with customers prior to launching and the results are very promising; all the respondents stated that the learning experience was suitable for their training needs and 75% stated that their learning time was decreased.

The NAPCON Games Distiller can be used by operators on all levels, regardless of their earlier experience.

“The game works just as well for beginners as for more experienced operators. It offers a safe way of learning in a digital yet realistic environment.”

In the future, Neste Jacobs plans to launch more training games for other fields within the process industry. In addition to the industry, the game can also be used by universities and other educational institutes.

Neste Jacobs has 30 years of experience in the process industry and over ten years of experience in creating innovative training games. Mika Neffling believes it is not a coincidence that a Finnish company is at the forefront of digital training in the process industry.

“In Finland we have an excellent track record of successful teaching methods as well as a world class gaming industry. When these two are combined, the results are ground-breaking.”


IPACK-Mat 2018 - Innovative Material Solutions

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IPACK-Mat is a new exhibition space at IPACK-IMA 2018, entirely dedicated to innovative solutions in raw materials, components and high value-added packaging.

On show at FieraMilano from 29 May to 1 June 2018, rounding out the offer of IPACK-IMA 2018, a space dedicated to premium packaging for cosmetics, fashion, food & beverage, confectionary, wine & liquor, nutraceuticals, décor, smart packaging, protective packaging for special goods and eco-packaging.

The IPACK-Mat area will be set up in Pavilion 14, a central location at the fair, synergically contiguous to PLAST-Mat, a complementary project running parallel to the event PLAST 2018 that will be held in adjacent pavilions during the same time.

The common objective of these initiatives is to offer a gathering place for businesses providing or seeking advanced packaging design and production solutions (IPACKMat) and objects manufactured from innovative plastic materials (PLAST-Mat).

Both projects, whose content and setup will be coordinated, are being organized in partnership with Material ConneXion Italia, an important international research and consulting network in innovative and sustainable materials.

IPACK-Mat 2018 Products on show

Premium packaging

  • Containers (boxes, caskets, cases, etc.)
  • Tubes, flacons, bottles, cans, dispenser systems, etc.
  • Premium packaging materials and solutions (decorative paper, ribbons, decoration and coating processes, closures and seals, labels and adhesives, etc.)

Smart packaging

  • Solutions for anti-counterfeiting and antitampering (holographic foils, QR codes, special pigments, etc.)
  • Packaging for traceability and e-commerce (RFID labels and sensors, NFC, etc.)
  • Solutions for advanced interactivity and functionality (electronic labels, heating systems, flexible batteries, etc.)


  • Biodegradable packaging (plant fiber shells, compostable cookware, etc.)
  • Packaging made from recycled materials
  • Solutions for eco-efficient packaging (monomaterial, reduced material consumption, LCA, etc.)

Special protective packaging

  •  Materials for industrial and structural packaging
  •  Foam and impact-resistant materials
  • Technical, collapsible and reusable containers

Process Expo 2017 - Chicago

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Contract renewed with FPSA – US trade fair company continues to be member of interpack alliance.

Process Expo 2017, which was held in Chicago from 19 to 22 September, clearly increased in internationalism. The tradeshow, which specialises in process engineering for food and beverages, is held by the Food Processing Suppliers’ Association (FPSA). It attracted nearly 14,000 visitors, with a 25% higher share of international visitors than two years ago. The entire available exhibition space of around 20,400 square metres was occupied by over 500 exhibitors. The event was accompanied by a comprehensive support programme, including a Virtual Reality Showroom, a programme of talks on subjects such as food safety, hygienic design and industry regulations. The show also featured the exhibition of the SAVE FOOD initiative on the subject of food losses and waste throughout the trade fair.

While Process Expo 2017 was in progress, Messe Düsseldorf and the FPSA agreed to continue their formal alliance until 2023, so that the US trade fair company continues to be a member of the interpack alliance. Under this contract Messe Düsseldorf handles the acquisition of exhibitors and the promotion of trade fairs to visitors on all markets outside the United States, while the FPSA supports Messe Düsseldorf on the North American market. “We are pleased to renew our partnership with the FPSA. Our collaboration with the FPSA and Process Expo has become strategically important for both organisations, and its renewal sets a clear signal for the further development of our collaboration,” says Bernd Jablonowski, Global Portfolio Director Processing & Packaging at Messe Düsseldorf. “Ever since this alliance was launched between the FPSA and Messe Düsseldorf in 2010 and since we expanded our partnership in 2013, the FPSA and Process Expo have worked alongside Messe Düsseldorf, developing both their international reach and their growth on overseas markets. The further renewal of this alliance until 2023 will benefit both organisations and allow us to continue this important partnership,” says David Seckman, CEO of the FPSA.

The next Process Expo will be held at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago from 8 to 11 October 2019.


Closing the wet-wipe stickness gap

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OEGSTGEEST, the Netherlands — October, 2017 — Wet wipes are one of the most popular cleaning products in the world. But until now, the adhesives on wet wipe packages would often fail, leaving the remaining wipes to dry out, and customers to lose the value of their purchases.

“When an adhesive selected for household wipes can’t supply the technical resistance to the solvents (e.g. limonene) used in the wipes, the pack cannot be resealed for the lifetime of the packaging. This means customers cannot properly use the full pack of wipes, leading to disappointment with the purchase, and perhaps encouraging them to change to other brands in the future,” said Jenny Wassenaar, director Select Solutions at Avery Dennison Europe.

Avery Dennison creates a step change with its High Solvent Resistance Adhesives, MR980R and UVR155, from the Select Solutions™ portfolio. These adhesives address the main problem with wet-wipe closures: the vulnerability of the adhesive closure to the solvents in the wet wipes themselves.

MR980R provides excellent functionality on glossy PET-packaging. It is designed to withstand the chemicals used in household wet wipes, and provides a high strength of adhesion on flexible packaging.
UVR155 is the preferred choice for matte packaging, often used in baby, facial and toilet wipes. Both adhesives have been developed specifically for challenging wipe applications (like household wipes), offering high to medium initial tack and a smooth peel.

Consumers who buy wet-wipes are mainly focused on easy-open/easy-close convenience. For manufacturers and brand owners, the priority is finding cost-efficient alternatives to rigid plastic lids and other reclosure solutions.

Household wipes are growing rapidly and are now increasingly used in many different home and personal care applications. Avery Dennison’s range of adhesives ensures the required performance across a broad range of baby, cosmetic, toilet and domestic applications. Our adhesives can even handle contact with challenging solvents, oils and chemicals.


Apple’s Tim Cook plants trees at Iggesund, acknowledges Holmen’s climate-smart efforts

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When Apple CEO Tim Cook wanted to discover more about the sustainability work that lies behind the paperboard material Invercote, he visited the forest outside Iggesund in Sweden. The manufacturer, Iggesund Paperboard, is part of the Holmen forest industry group and is at the forefront of sustainability. Present to discuss with Tim Cook were Holmen’s CEO Henrik Sjölund and Iggesund Paperboard’s CEO Daniel Peltonen.

Holmen has repeatedly ranked among the world’s most sustainable companies, with its sustainably managed forest as a cornerstone of that achievement. “A visit to the breathtaking forests of northern Sweden with @IggesundAB, our partners in innovation and sustainable packaging,” tweeted Cook after his visit to Iggesund. The Apple CEO also planted his own tree in Iggesund’s forests as he followed the whole process from forest management to finished packaging.

“For Holmen it is self-evident to start with sustainable forestry. We grow trees with an 80 to 90-year time frame, with the timber being used to build houses. We make the paperboard from pulpwood from the forest and chips from the sawmill. Iggesund is a good example of a climate-smart combine where we feed in forest raw materials and produce bioenergy, paper pulp and paperboard. Major investments over a long time plus a system in balance are a prerequisite for a sustainable value chain. The Iggesund combine binds 0.7 million tonnes of CO2.” So stated Holmen’s CEO Henrik Sjölund on the occasion of the visit by the company with the world’s biggest market capitalisation.

Invercote, the material in packaging for Apple among others, comes from Iggesund Mill and well-managed forests.

“We have been harvesting and maintaining Swedish forests in a traditional and sustainable way for the past 400 years. Everything starts with long-term sustainable forestry. For us it is natural to work in a climate-compensating way and based on a value chain where all stages are important,” concluded Holmen’s CEO Henrik Sjölund.

There is a very special history behind why Iggesund is a supplier to Apple. It was the company’s legendary founder and former CEO Steve Jobs who decided that Iggesund would supply the material for Apple’s packaging. Employees travelled around the world and collected possible materials. When the samples were later presented at the headquarters in Cupertino, Jobs pointed to Invercote from Iggesund and said: “This is the one we want.”


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